TWIN Greenhouse & Livestock Housing Monitoring System

The perfect climate for the welfare, health and quality of plants and livestock

TWIN Greenhouse & Livestock Housing Monitoring System

Our tailor-made climate monitoring solution for greenhouses and livestock housing boosts smart farming to a new level: Instead of just a few sensors TWIN provides hundreds of sensors – and at an affordable price.

Key Features

Complete information – perfect climate

Mastering the climate is a complex task and absolutely decisive for the welfare, health and quality of plants and livestock.
No other system gives you such complete information to accomplish the complex task of establishing and maintaining the perfect climate.

Save money

The TWIN solution encompasses the whole area of your greenhouse or livestock housing with a dense network of different sensors. This allows you to take more educated and accurate control measures which lead to significant savings in energy.
In addition, you benefit from our core competence, which is the realization of massive-array TWIN systems in different industries which leads to significant economies of scale and highly competitive prices.

Wide range of sensor types

Currently the TWIN Greenhouse & Livestock Housing Monitoring Solution covers the measurement of:

  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • CO2 (carbon dioxide)
  • NH3 (ammonia)
  • H2S (hydrogen sulfide)

In addition, we have existing concepts for the integration of further sensors like airflow and light sensors.

Easy to install

In chicken coops, TWIN is mounted at the height of the animals´ heads; in greenhouses you can keep it easily at the height of the crop as it grows.

Technically, the environment in livestock housings and greenhouses is quite demanding for electronic sensor networks. TWIN works completely reliable even in the dustiest atmosphere or at relative humidity levels above 90%.

TWIN is an open system – it easily interfaces with automation and control systems.


The TWIN Dashboard comes with high resolution heat- and humidity maps.

The value of each single sensor is at your fingertips. Furthermore, the dashboard provides many kinds of configurable graphs and diagrams, including alarms and SMS alarm notifications to your mobile phone.