About TWIN

TWIN stands for the Two Wire Integrated Network. It is the world’s first integrated digital asset monitoring system. At the core of TWIN is our patented "Computer-in-Cable" Technology™.

Sensor networks require extremely short data packets. However, for sensor data collection, the industry uses technologies from the 1980's which are optimized for large data packets. That´s why we did not believe that the recommended RSxxx standards are the last solution and delved into the lowest communication layers.

The result is TWIN, a game-changing sensor-actuator network enabling Industrial IoT applications unachievable with conventional technologies.


Radicos is an OEM company founded in 2011 to develop, market and globalize TWIN. Our teams are located in Austria and Switzerland.

Radicos is the Latin/Esperanto word for "roots". It is our ambition to position TWIN on the market, providing roots for the Industry 4.0 and Industrial Internet of Things, where it is anchored and attached to real things.

RADICOS is owned and managed by its founders, supported by private investors and public hi-tech grants programs. Our grants partners are:

Industrial Revolutionists

We envisioned and described the Internet of Things in an internal White Paper years before the term existed.

Our chief engineers already took part in the 3rd industrial revolution in the 1970’s. All that accumulated experience of almost 100 years, all the achievements and defeats since then went into the development of TWIN.

Now, we are at the beginning of the 4th industrial revolution and we are bringing TWIN into it:
The world’s first integrated digital asset monitoring system and major building block for Industry 4.0 and Industrial IoT solutions.


Partner with us!

We offer TWIN especially to industry leading system integrators and solution providers. Our cooperation may be based on:

  • OEM supply agreements,
  • IP licensing, or
  • regular distribution partnerships.

Let's work together to create new Industrial IoT solutions!


Current vacancies

Technical Product Marketing Manager:

We are looking for a new colleague to take care of Product Marketing and Technical Product Management.

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