Ensuring safety is a major challenge in the maritime industry, no matter if you operate:

  • Containerships
  • Car carriers
  • LNG Carriers
  • Ro-Ro & PCTC Vessels
  • Cruise Liners
  • Ports

Fires on ships are a particular danger: Cable fires, incipient fires in containers, and overheating car batteries on car carriers are just a few of the types that can take place.
The ship personnel and passengers are exposed to life-threatening situations. Firefighting and rescue support is usually far away on the open sea. The loss of goods and damages to the ships may reach USD 100M+ per incident – the environmental monetary damages are often much higher, due to their catastrophic nature.

As there is a major container fire approximately every 60 days and the most dangerous zone is underdeck, we have developed the TWIN Shiphold Monitoring Solution.

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Mining, Minerals & Cement

The biggest efficiency increase for decades in the mining, minerals and cement industry is coming from digitalization and predictive maintenance. They lead to a reduction of accidents and of unplanned, extremely costly downtimes.
The environment is extremely challenging: Huge facilities, remote locations, kilometer-long conveyors, heavy loads, vibration, dirt and abrasive dust.

In this environment TWIN feels at home and provides highly valuable results where other sensor systems fail to function.

TWIN Conveyor Monitoring
This application is of special interest for the mining, mineral and cement industries: No other industries operates more and longer heavy-duty conveyor systems.
Through its patented vibration monitoring method for conveyors, TWIN enables the localization and prediction of bearing failures. This reduces unplanned downtimes.

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Further TWIN applications increase safety and security:

  • Underground mine fire detection
  • Fire detection on conveyors
  • Water ingress
  • Perimeter protection

Agriculture & Horticulture

Population growth and urbanization drive a permanent increase in global food production. As a consequence, the size of production facilities such as greenhouses are significantly growing. The average surface of a vegetable greenhouse in The Netherlands is currently more than 5 soccer fields. Smart and Digital Farming enables the operation of such massive production plants.
TWIN provides a unique solution to monitor the climates in greenhouses and livestock housing.

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There are many more agricultural potential monitoring applications in Agriculture, such as temperature and gas monitoring in silos or temperature monitoring in warehouses and cold storage.


Again, the global megatrends - population growth and urbanization, drive the need for higher transportation capacities and fluid traffic solutions.
Rapid automation in transportation is bringing new features along with new challenges for continuous monitoring. TWIN has the capability to address all four modes of transport (Road, Rail, Air and Sea).

Some of the applications you may realize with TWIN are:

  • Open air car parking: single-space occupancy monitoring.
  • Traffic control solutions.
  • Perimeter protection along highways and railways.
  • Fire detection in railway and metro stations.
  • Fire detection in road tunnels.
  • Fire detection in metro tunnels.
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Oil & Gas

Leak detection, theft protection, earth movement detection, but also fire detection and condition monitoring are some of the typical challenges in the oil & gas industry.
The basis for any solution is reliable real-time information from different sensor types monitoring the entire situation.

With its rugged design, its fault-tolerance, and its ability to integrate a broad range of different sensor types TWIN is an enabling technology for the oil & gas industry. This applies especially to:

  • Oil and Gas Pipelines
  • Refineries
  • LNG Terminals & Tankers
  • Offshore Platforms
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Safety is key for large buildings, equally for public, commercial, industrial or infrastructure buildings such as:

  • Shopping malls
  • Stadiums
  • Warehouses & cold storage
  • Server farms
  • Museums
  • Bridges

A common characteristic of such objects are kilometers of cable ducts, and false ceilings and floors, which usually host power cables and dust – the perfect setting for smoldering fires which are difficult to detect with conventional systems at an early stage.
With its extreme high temperature and spatial resolution TWIN generates real-time heatmaps which provide a clear picture of hotspots; and with its fast reaction time and intelligent algorithms it triggers alarms before smoke and flames occur.

TWIN also protects humans and physical goods inside buildings by monitoring gas levels or detecting water ingress. Furthermore, the health of escalators, elevators, moving walkways, etc., can be monitored and failures predicted.

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Process Industries

Process industries are often characterized by large production plants, the requirement for uninterrupted production, the need for monitoring a wide range of different parameters, and aggregating data from different sources for analysis, graphical representation and control.

TWIN perfectly meets all these requirements: You can combine almost any sensor types, cover several square kilometers; your installation is easy and the system is extremely reliable, and it is persistent against harsh environments and maintenance free. It even provides actuators at each sensor-node, if desired.

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Energy & Utilities

The energy and utilities sector is facing change and constantly increasing demand. At the same time systems are running at their capacity limits, and both production and consumption peaks are delicate to manage.
Real-time monitoring of system conditions is the basis for balancing the systems, avoiding outages and optimizing efficiency. TWIN is a reliable and sustainable solution to monitor all kinds of industry plants, such as:

  • Power Grids
  • Hydropower Plants
  • Solar & Wind Parks
  • Waste-to-Energy Plants
  • Wastewater Treatment Plants
  • Utility Tunnels
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TWIN is not only an integral part of safety solutions but it can also play a key role in the security of a customer´s premises. The integration of vibration and earth´s magnetic field sensors and CO2 sensors, enable innovative and highly effective solutions to guard your assets and objects.

  • Trespassing of perimeter fences kilometers away can be detected as well as damages or vandalism.
  • Theft of vehicles from remote sites is a problem and may be discovered by vibration and/or EMF monitoring.
  • Intrusion by humans in closed environments can be detected by measuring CO2 levels.
  • Even coast lines may be guarded against hostile activities by undersea monitoring of metallic objects.
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