TWIN Shiphold Monitoring System

Guardian for the cargo, ship and environment

TWIN Shiphold Monitoring System

Fires in cargo holds of ships are extremely dangerous for the staff and the environment. Leading causes are exothermal reactions in containers and overheating batteries of smartphones, cars, and increasingly electric cars.

Disastrous fires
Those heating events evolve over time. The situation starts to become even more dangerous when the heat spreads to adjacent containers. Such events evolve sometimes undetected over 1-2 weeks. If the reaction chains becomes dynamic, the situation becomes quickly uncontrollable. Incorrectly declared goods and undeclared dangerous goods increase the unpredictability of these situations.

Key Features

Early Fire Detection

TWIN is able to detect such fires before they spiral out of control, through measuring minimal temperature increases already at ambient temperatures; it is also apt for maritime environments such as in salt-mist and may even be used in ATEX-zones.
Furthermore, we have developed a tailor-made patented method for the temperature measurement of the cargo.

TWIN is compliant with the respective ATEX, ABS, and DNV GL regulations.

The use of the TWIN Shiphold Monitoring System avoids:

  • Injuries and fatalities of personnel on board.
  • Extreme financial damages (approx. EUR 400M in case of total loss a TEU 10,000 containership incl. value of goods).
  • Catastrophic environmental pollution.

It is especially valuable for containerships and car carriers.

TWIN Ship Hold Monitoring System

At a glance:

  • Early detection of minimal temperature gradients (even at ambient temperature).
  • Fixed installation on board of the vessel.
  • One temperature sensor per container / per car.
  • Exact localization of the fire by container position / car position.
  • Patented temperature measurement method for ship cargo.
  • Intelligent algorithms for identification of adjacent containers and cars (each container has up to 26 adjacent containers).
  • Easy to understand visualization using a heatmap.

Patented Measurement and Mounting Method

TWIN is a fixed and permanent installation in the shipholds of the vessel. Retro-fitting is fast and easy.

Measurement und mounting requirements for shiphold monitoring systems are:

  • One temperature sensor per object (container or car).
  • Proximity to the object for optimal measurement.
  • Safety distance from the object to protect from the monitoring system from damages.
  • Measurement of the cargo temperature only (thermal decoupling of sensors from ship structure).

Our tailor-made patented method for the temperature measurement of the cargo and the mounting of a temperature-sensor-system on a vessel ensures the fulfillment of all these requirements.