TWIN Starter Kit

Prototyping an Industrial IoT sensor network has never been easier

TWIN Starter Kit

Get in contact with us, let us know your requirements, and we will put together the right TWIN Starter Kit for you.

Key Features

Suffer from limits?

TWIN is a base technology for most various kinds of automation, IoT, and predictive maintenance applications in the industrial context.

If you are reaching limits in your project with wireless- and/or bus-systems or you are finding star-topology to be too inefficient and annoying, then TWIN might be your solution.

You want these features?

TWIN comes as a fully integrated massive array sensor-actuator-network that:

  • Connects thousands of sensors.
  • Of almost any desired sensor type.
  • In series.
  • In a reliable (even fault-tolerant) manner.
  • In industrial and harsh environments.
  • At high cadence (ms range).

Starter Kit for you

It is our core interest that you develop new automation/monitoring products or industry solutions based on TWIN. Our offer is especially addressed to:

  • System integrators.
  • Plant engineering companies.
  • Engineering offices.
  • Anyone who intends to realize a completely new or significantly better than existing automation or monitoring solution.

Let's strive together for new IIoT solutions!