TWIN Production Line Monitoring

Prevents congestions and improves planning

TWIN Production Line Monitoring System

The TWIN Production Line Monitoring System permanently monitors the location of parts, workpieces or trays over the entire production line. This allows early detection of oncoming congestions in real-time, reveals weaknesses in the production flow and improves production planning.

Key Features

Facts vs. Belly-Feeling

As production lines become longer and more complex, it gets increasingly more difficult for the personnel onsite to have an overview which sections of the line work flawlessly and where there are weaknesses.

TWIN provides a full overview in real time: It monitors the production line with dozens of proximity sensors. The sensor nodes may be integrated at any desired position simply by plugging in connectors. The TWIN Production Line Monitoring System is extremely fast and accurate: The scanning cadence for all sensors can be below 20 milliseconds and each event is furnished with a synchronized millisecond timestamp.

Lowest Installation Cost

We designed the TWIN Production Line Monitoring System to be both simple and modular: This reduces installation time to a minimum of several hours. Furthermore, it even enables retro-fitting installation during the operation of the production line.

At a glance: TWIN

  • Integrates easily with existing automation platforms.
  • Installs quickly and without production line down-times.
  • Never misses a piece to monitor.
  • Is accurate (synchronized millisecond event-timestamps).
  • Is ruggedized for industrial environment.