TWIN Fire Detection System

Detects incipient fires, even when everything seems to be still ok

TWIN Fire Detection System

TWIN Fire Detection is a resettable linear heat detection system. It's a game changer for fire detection in industrial facilities and in harsh environments.

Key Features

The TWIN Fire Detection Solution is a linear heat detection system. It stands out through its capability for the early detection of incipient fires – enabled by precise measurement and sophisticated alarming algorithms.

Temperature Measurement

Extremely precise: Our temperature sensors collect data with a resolution of ±0.025°C.

Large array: Thousands of our temperature sensors may be integrated and spread over kilometers in a TWIN system. The spacing between the sensors may be freely chosen depending on the application.

High speed: The measurement is done in real-time: Up to 1,000 sensor nodes are addressed per second.

Smart Alarming

Real-time on-site analysis:
TWIN's analysis and alarm units are located onsite and executed in real-time.

Gradient alarms:
TWIN triggers alarms early, based on temperature gradients. Gradients may be temporal and/or spatial, which usually can´t be done with existing fire detection technology. Due to the excellent resolution of the sensors and the system speed, incipient fires trigger alarms even at ambient temperature.

Definable groups:
Sophisticated algorithms analyze the entire temperature field. Different algorithms may be applied for every single sensor or freely definable sensor groups. Further, attributes like "multiple in group" or "neighbor in group" can be used for the alarm algorithms.

Context information:
The analysis may include context information such as data from further TWIN sensors (e.g. , gas sensors) or external data from third systems. This feature reduces false alarm rates.


TWIN provides a web-based solution to view a live-heatmap of the facility. This is the most intuitive method to represent temperature data. Even untrained personnel are able to understand at a glance where the temperature rise or the fire is.

Fire-fighter upfront info:
As the display is web-based, firefighters are informed via smartphone about the fire, and its temporal and spatial evolution even before arriving onsite.

Event evolution tracking:
The combinations of spatial and temporal gradients show the temperature and the size of the fire and how and where it has developed. This is highly valuable information for post-analysis. But even more it is valuable to the fire chief onsite to take informed firefighting decisions and to keep the firefighting personnel safe.

Robustness & Reliability

Fault-tolerance by design:
TWIN is fault tolerant by its patented design: It tolerates a single error (e.g., cable disruption, open circuit, short circuit) at any point between the sensors without loss or degradation of function. No other fire detection system on the market offers comparable fault-tolerance.

Harsh environment:
Our TWIN Fire Detection System is made for harsh environments: Mechanically it is extremely robust, supporting vibration, all kinds of dirt, it is IP68 water-tight, long-term resistant against salt-mist, oil and the like, and TWIN is conforming with ATEX standards (zone 1).


TWIN Fire Detection is compliant with EN54-5, EN54-17, and ATEX (zone 1).


Typical applications for the TWIN Fire Detection Solution are found across many different industries:

  • Maritime Industry:
    Detection of container fires on containerships, and fires on car carriers, LNG tankers, Ro-Ro & PCTC vessels, cruise liners, ports.
  • Mining Industry:
    Fire detection of and on conveyor systems, and in underground mines.
  • Oil & Gas:
    Fire detection of pipelines, refineries, LNG terminals, offshore platforms.
  • Transportation:
    Fire detection in road tunnels, railway stations, metro tunnels & stations, car parking garages.
  • Buildings & industrial plants:
    Especially detection of fires in cable ducts, false ceilings & floors in industrial plants, public buildings, airports, warehouses, server farms, stadiums, etc..